Amanda and David initially trained in The Nia Technique, completing Black Belt Training in 2014. They have also trained in Nia 5 Stages and Aerial Yoga. From their love of Nia, and its somatic approach to movement, they went on to train with Martha Peterson of Essential Somatics to become Somatic Exercise Coaches, and more recently with James Knight to become a Gentle Somatic Yoga teachers. David is additionally training as a Clinical Somatic Practitioner, offering 1-2-1 work. As well as Aerial Yoga classes, workshops, and Teacher Trainings, they regularly teach Hanna Somatics and Gentle Somatic Yoga workshops around the country, as well as regular workshops in Leeds. All of the classes, workshops and trainings offered by David and Amanda are influenced by Hanna Somatic principles, as they are both committed to educating people to move more freely.


Gentle Somatic Yoga

Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) is an innovative blend of Hatha Yoga, Hanna Somatic Education, Pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation, created by James Kight (

It is a unique brain-to-muscle re-education that combines traditional yoga postures, Hanna Somatic Education, breathing techniques and healing visualizations. GSY incorporates slow, mindful movements which raise body awareness to heal old tension-based patterns in the body. This method is ideal for overcoming bodily aches and pains and dramatically increasing flexibility.

In this workshop you will be introduced to some simple Somatic Movement Flows that can be practised on a daily basis; we will also look at the basic science and methodology of GSY.


Aerial Yoga

We use a low-hanging fabric to enhance the way we sense and move our bodies. Our approach includes somatic awareness, yoga philosophy and movement as meditation. We use the hammock to sit inside, to rest onto, to fold over, to support one part of the body, to hang upside-down on, to stand on. Through this, we develop strength, flexibility, balance, co-ordination, trust, confidence and overall well-being.

Amanda & David


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