I have been training as a Holistic Therapist since 1997, adding different Therapies as I get drawn to them.


I became a Reiki Master and Teacher in early 2000; then started studying Shamanism; which is a life long study. I am also a  Rahanni Celestial Healing Teacher.


I also practice in:


• Deep Tissue Massage

Indian head;


Ear Candling;



Reconnection Healing

Shamanic healing's include:

   Chaka Balance and Cleansing;



Black and White stone healing;


I make attractive hair attachments that I call Angels DreamDreads


They are handmade of wool, ribbon, feathers, plus other things.


I get channelled to how I make them and what I put on the DreamDreads therefore each one is very individual.

All are made with love and blessings.


I also make the DreamDreads to a persons individual requirements



Namaste & Blessings

Angel (Angie) Joughin-Coppin

+44 7933 573600

Angel Joughin-Coppin


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