Resonical Rhythms


This will be a co-creation by a selection of musicians and sound artists producing trance rhythms from an

array of ancient and modern instruments to transcend you to other realms!


This would be classed as Trance Dance/Ecstatic Dance by people who have done this type of thing before.......


Tuning in, meditating, moving and opening to these magical trance like rhythms created live by deep resonant and spiritually moving sounds, co-created by a team of conscious musicians and sound artists carrying the intention of transformation and spiritual expansion for all who choose to embrace this amazing session in their own unique way!


I have personally witnessed the most ecstatic and purely blissed-out states of people indulging in this heart opening co-creation... Dancers...Sound Creators and Rhythm - uniting in what can be described as a 'TRUE COSMIC CONNECTION'


Sit and just listen and feel the rhythms or express yourself from gentle movements to dancing your socks off!!!



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