Carl Anzan Simmons has been practicing Yoga for more than 15 years and been a Zen practitioner since 2010. He has qualifications to teach Both Yoga and mindfulness meditation though the I.Y.N and Zenways repectively. In 2012 Carl was given the Dharma name Anzan (peaceful mountain) after receiving precepts in the Rinzai Zen lineage of Gyokuruji and is currently undergoing Zen teacher training under the guiding eye of his spiritual friend Daizen Roshi (Zenways London).


Inspired by the strength and compassion of my beloved Jo who passed in 2014 the idea of a meditation space was born.  Since then I’ve been fortunate enough to continue practicing and assisting my teacher on retreats as well as deepening my understanding of how to bring these practices to a wider audience. Over the last year I’ve been travelling, listening and practicing with many different spiritual traditions and found a beautiful open richness between them. The Sufi observation ‘our way is to discover the similarities so as to honour the differences’ inspires this years intention for the meditation space.


Morning Practice with Carl Anzan

Morning practice sessions will be a grounding practice inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Clophill. Through a combination of body work (yoga, qigong)and meditation we will wake up the nervous system, charge and open the bodies energy channels so we can ground and sit in presence. From here we are better equipped to experience life as it is, get out of our busy heads, relax, breath and engage fully in life.

Carl Simmons


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