Christian Kyriacou, The House Whisperer, is an architect, geomancy consultant, an inspirational speaker and workshop facilitator. He engages with how harmonic resonance relates to the invisible world of sacred geometry in our homes and other architectural spaces, which influence and affect human consciousness.


He uses dowsing both on physical and metaphysical levels as a tool to unravel the mysteries of life in our homes and in the land, often spanning hundreds of years and parallel lifetimes in order to bring clarity and resolution to issues in people’s lives.


As The House Whisperer, he identifies the core story of the owners and facilitates them seeing their relationship and connection as to why they chose their home, or did the house choose them?


By 're-tuning' the invisible energy matrix structures and synchronising the heart harmonics of a person with the heart and soul of their home, this brings a true sense of 'feeling at home'. This alchemical shift allows people to take personal responsibility for their soul journey and transform their lives.


When designing buildings, he fuses classical principles of architecture with contemporary ideologies and materials, incorporating sacred geometry and proportion, musical ratios and harmonic resonance, in keeping with the soul purpose and spirit of a building and the land.

Christian Kyriacou - RIBA MCSD

Brief workshop description of your work:


1. The Heart of Home - Discovering your Relationship with the Heart of Home


Do you feel ‘at home’ where you live? Did you choose your ‘home’ or did it choose you?


An experiential visualisation workshop taking us into deeper levels of awareness of our homes where we live, being a reflection of our ‘inner’ home. A simple yet powerful psychotherapeutic process showing us aspects of our lives and of our soul journey in this lifetime of which we may not have been aware of. Christian will explain the concept of our soul connection to where we live why we were drawn there, and how to identify issues that are impacting our lives.


He will illuminate for us how geopathic stress both at physical and metaphysical level hold the energy matrix of our intentions and karmic ancestral programmes and thus how our home can be our greatest healer and guide to life.


Be prepared to think of where you live in unexpected ways!


 2. Reaching for Gold - The Golden Mean Harmonic


The vibrations of the Human Voice, Sonic Light Frequencies, the Gong and other sacred instruments, have the power to activate our true dimensional being as well as dissolving any negative and unwanted vibrations from our energy fields.


The re-alignment to our original codes, and the clarity that follows, can give us a fresh take on our future and help us serve others in need.


Experience the speed and ease of connecting fully to the universal consciousness grid, the Divine Matrix.


The harmonics and vibration of the human heart, the power of mother nature in the design of universal order, the growth of plants and the health of the human body, is nourished by the Golden Mean Harmonic. We will tune into and sound the natural harmonics of the universe leading up to the Golden Mean Point, the Zero-Point where the heart truly resonates and full conscious connection is available.


Sonic Scanning for self-healing, find the missing harmonics in our energy fields and how to harness the intelligence of the body to create the vibrations needed to re-balance for health.


3. Space Clearing and Spirit Release


A holistic approach to understanding the energy in our homes. Are you listening to what your house is trying to tell you? Are you living in Sacred Space. Does your home serve and support you? Is your house holding old patterns or trauma of what has gone on there before?


All areas of life can be affected by the disturbance of energies in our spaces. We will explore the issues which affect Health, Wealth and Relationships etc. and at ways to identify negative energies and an introduction to methods of resolution. See how the energetic fragmentation of a house will allow spirit and negative energies to get caught and linger in the energy matrix of the space.


If a space is totally healthy and resonating to sacred geometries, such as the golden mean harmonic, then nothing can hang around in the matrix and any issues cannot hide in the darkest corners of the web of denial! in other words, they are brought out into the open to be faced and dealt with… so if a house, land and people vibrate to this natural spatial resonance, then there is the possibility of full levels of health.


If there are negative energies and spirit activities in the space, and if the fragmentation of the energy fields are not addressed, that will then seriously impact on health and on all other aspects of life.


But why does someone chooses a house to match their life story and even activate sabotage patterns!

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