Fiona is a Black Belt Nia teacher with over 30 years experience in teaching movement, dance and fitness in community settings, as well as roles in education and training. She has explored what it is that makes people move, have fun and find health through movement, and now offers her own unique take on it all as 'Energy Moves' using the Nia technique. Fiona offers weekly classes, workshops & DVD's as well as training workshops and routines for movement teachers


"Teaching Energy Moves is a way for me to share my magic with a huge range of people. Through Energy Moves I help people reconnect with their body, mind and emotions, connecting to music through movement to create their own magical connection with their spirit. My weekly classes bring Energy Moves to special populations...those with limited mobility, cardiac care patients, exercise referral clients as well as the general population, in classes tailored to individual needs."


Fiona specialises in seated and semi seated classes, and has many years experience of adapting moves for those with limited mobility.

Fiona Winter




Energy Moves, using the Nia Technique


Focus on being in the present moment through connection with sensations.


Sense how we can flow movement and in life.

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