Gabriella and Heather both came from a classical music background and both changed direction through experiences with nature. Using their skills and sensitivities they allow the spirit of place and time and all of those present to inspire and inform the soundscape that is woven. Their work with individuals, groups and land has facilitated change, greater awareness and possibilities, relaxation, release and healing.


Their music creates a rare opportunity to drop into the power and beauty of stillness and the mystery of creation.


With a wide range of musical instruments including like cello, zither, violin, flutes as well as metal sound instruments, singing bowls, gongs, tubular bells hand crafted by Heather and Gabriella in their own forge the duo weaves music that opens mind body and soul, relaxes and creates coherence – allowing listeners to come into greater harmony.


One tone can open to multidimensional ranges of frequency – expanding the listener to a new depth of experience that includes slience and stillness within the vastness of sound…


Heather and Gabriella are vibrational magicians:

In various ways they work with the consciousness of the Earth – resounding the Earth, through the weaving of sound into coherent fields of possibility, through the crafting of metal instruments in conscious co-creation with the elements including the metals themselves, through journeys and classes.


Where words fall short… sound continues


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Collaboration with Heather and Quentin, Lina and Barry on instruments ancient and new in the beautiful Thorney Hill church


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Gabriella & Heather


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