Gabriella has developed a unique modality of working with sound – called Sound Weaving . Through the weaving of sounds and vibrations with many instruments and her 4 octave voice a coherent field is created that allows cells and molecules to move into greater harmony facilitating change , self healing and new possibilities for people and places.


Gabriella has been co-facilitating vibrational healing workshops and retreats as well as transformational journeys and pilgrimages to sacred sacred sites working with sound and nature for 13 years. She is a deeply intuitive sound healer/sound alchemist with many years experience of accompanying individuals in their souls journey and path and a deeper connection with the natural world and one's own soul resonance.


Workshop offerings:


1) Working and living in co-creative partnership with the elements of nature – including metal – with stories from the forge and our work with singing bowl crafting and a wee demonstration…..


2) Together with Heather Cowen she is offering a workshop on co-creation:  Weaving consciousness through sound in co-creation with nature.



As well as being a fine musician and Sound Weaver (see musician profile), Heather is a certified facilitator of the Access Consciousness Bars and Body Processes – energetic body work, that allows a huge amount of release and change through gentle touch of specific points.



Heather workshop offering:


1) Entering the acoustic Wave of bodies and the Earth;

Heather facilitates an energetic body process from her work with Access consciousness: the Restoration of Communion with Earth  - encouraging our bodies to become more space and less density – vibrating as the acoustic wave of being in Communion with the Earth.


2) Together with Gabriella Kapfer She is offering a workshop on co-creation:  Weaving consciousness  in co-creation with nature and the Earth.





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