Gray is an experienced therapist combining energy and bodywork for the last 18 years as a complementary therapist and 30 years particularly within mental health. He integrates personal practice and life experience within health and wellness in a simple and effective manner to help others to help themselves, be it in a group setting or individually. Gray is an intuitive energy worker who also loves working with the earth, other dimensions and animals in all shapes and sizes. He values learning about other traditions and practices around the world that respect all beings.

Gray McGoldrick


Workshops Offered




Is a gentle daily introduction to the morning it will be a simple waking up welcome to the day. With the breath, voice and body in a relaxed pre-breakfast atmosphere for 30 to 40 minutes duration. Guided by myself to allow people the opportunity to be silent, ohm quietly with everyone else or at your own pace and in your own time .



A journey in time with your name


Experiential workshop to reconnect with yourself and your soul using your voice and the breath and through exploration of the vowels discover the power of your name. We will take the opportunity to go within yourself, open up to the potential within you and become more aware of who you are in a very safe and relaxed setting. Laughter is encouraged :-)



Introduction to Tantric Practices - As Simple and Real as Loving and Breathing


A brief introduction to what Tantra is about. Conceptions and misconceptions. Be prepared to be challenged. No partner work involved. Purely to discuss and explore.



Relationship with the Self and your Significant Other


Everything on the cellular level is about relationship with yourself and everything else. This experiential workshop will allow us to explore the meaning of your relationship with your Self and your Significant other by working with your voice and the breath and by being present in the moment with particular thought or experience by focusing your attention on your intention.

To be fully present in the here and now, to listen, to hear, to experience, to understand, allows deeper awareness and potential for change. You will be given simple  tools to allow you to further this process in your own time in a safe manner.



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