I have been teaching tantra since 2004 when I set up “Tantra North”, the first tantra teaching programme in the North of England. I began my personal tantric journey in 1999, training for many years with John Hawken (formerly of Skydancing UK). In 2010 I graduated from Jan Day’s first “Living Tantra Training “.


I recently spent time at Schumacher College in Devon. This time brought into sharp focus the awareness that we are at a critical time in human evolution. How do we create a human society that can thrive on a planet of limited resources?  I feel that tantra has much to offer in the search to find a way through this dilemma.


I have always seen tantra as a powerful tool for transformation at a personal and relationship level. I still view it in this way. However, my interest is shifting to the bigger picture, to transformation at the community level.


Currently I have withdrawn from my formal teaching programme to take time to create a way of showing how a tantric approach to the problems of our times can help us create a beautiful, viable future for humans on planet Earth.


My background is orthodox and complementary medicine. I have worked as a doctor in both these areas for many years. In 1999 I had the opportunity to write “The Complete Book of Energy Medicine" so I have some idea of what I need to manifest a new project.


I am inspired by the recent developments in brain science that are beginning to provide “rational” explanations of the teaching and experiences of tantra in a way that marries the material and spiritual world.


My students value me for my lively, grounded approach, my depth of knowledge, my perception and my ability to catalyse change in a playful and safe environment.


I am delighted to be invited to Heartbeat to share my wisdom and experience of tantra for the 21 century with you.

Helen Dziemidko - MBBS (BA Oxon) MFHom


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