for the past 25 yrs she has worked internationally as a teacher  - past life trainer and therapist using a process called Deep Memory Process. She¬†helps clients with: resolving fragmentation of the self, soul loss and trauma. Understanding energy fields and why we are influenced and affected by others. Shares advice on sacred space clearing, protection including clearing the influences of our ancestors and lost¬†spirits. She also teaches shamanic healing and journeying. Her empowering and practical approach enables greater understanding of the connections between the physical world, spirit realms and the subtle energies.

Juanita Puddifoot

2 Workshops Offered

1. Journey to the roots of your tree


We all need to heal something in our lives or transform and gain insights at some point on our life journey.

In this workshop we will explore with shamanic journeying the associated links to an life issue
you carry.

It may be a health issue, relationship, financial, self esteem,direction and purpose. Influences can be from this life, past lives, ancestors or attached spirits. Join me in spending time to journey, sharing and exploring the guidance gained.


Bring a blindfold/scarf.


2. Universal flow of abundance and attraction


Come and join me in exploring your energy system and how to enhance your universal connection.  Part of the balance is being able to receive. In a sharing space we will identify some restrictions, journey for guidance and change.


Bring pen/paper and blindfold/scarf.


No experience necessary for either workshop just be open to exploring your inner world.

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