A transformational journey with the ancestral sounds of some the most resonant, tone-producing instruments known to man. Feel the vibrational tones and overtones of the gong deep within the cells of your body…..ride on the sound waves of the Himalayan singing bowls and Native American flutes which transcend time and space, feel the deep resonance of the shamanic drum and other ancient instruments as they bathe you in subliminal sound. Deeply relaxing, cleansing and rejuvenating……. you’ll never feel the same again!

Human beings in the fullness of health are like the gong……fully resonant….the more resonant we are, the more alive we are, resulting in happy and abundant lives……..

It is our intention through these sound baths to create a deeply relaxing, nurturing and safe environment allowing you to ‘let go’ and have a thoroughly freeing and cleansing experience on all levels….


Usually the participant will lie on a soft yoga mat, air bed or mattress, with either a blanket to cover them or wrapped in a sleeping bag like a butterfly in its cocoon waiting for its transformation.

The instruments are played intuitively and inspirationally whilst linking with the energies of the participants who are bathed in subliminal sounds and vibrations. The affect of these very resonant and powerful sounds really have to be witnessed as there are no words to describe them….it just has to be experienced!

The sound bath is often described as being like  ‘awake within a dream’, but everyone’s experience is different and every individual sound bath is unique.


One on one sound baths have the added benefit of being able to work intuitively with your own specific energy and homing in on your personal needs (although you do not have to have any specific needs to enjoy the amazing benefits of a sound bath)

This session will begin with dowsing your whole energetic field to establish where and what we need to work with. An intention is then set which opens the doors to intuitive play specifically working with the most relevant shifts needed to be made at that time.


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