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I have been training as a Holistic Therapist since 1997, adding different Therapies as I get drawn to them.


I became a Reiki Master and Teacher in early 2000; then started studying Shamanism; which is a life long study. I am also a  Rahanni Celestial Healing Teacher.


I also practice in:

• Deep Tissue Massage

• Indian head;

• Reflexology;

• Ear Candling;

• Crystals;

• Aromatherapy;

• Reconnection Healing

• Shamanic healing's include:

   Chakra Balance and Cleansing;



Black and White stone healing;


I make attractive hair attachments that I call Angels DreamDreads


They are handmade of wool, ribbon, feathers, plus other things.


I get channelled to how I make them and what I put on the DreamDreads therefore each one is very individual.

All are made with love and blessings.


I also make the DreamDreads to a persons individual requirements



Namaste & Blessings

Angel (Angie) Joughin-Coppin

+44 7933 573600

Angel Joughin-Coppin

Kim is an experienced and intuitive therapist who has a genuine passion and down to earth approach at working with the energies within the body. Kim’s passion is to help not only on the physical, but also emotional and spiritual levels to intuitively guide people of all ages and to reach a place of serenity,

harmony and a sense of peace within. Kim's natural gift and ability will ensure that you feel calm, safe and at total ease throughout your treatment.


By using an holistic and heart centered approach, Kim will take into account both the physical and emotional factors that may be affecting your overall well-being and offer you tools that can be taken away and used within your daily life to help guide you toward your dreams, goals and true life purpose.


Kim's own personal life experiences and trauma led her on a path of self discovery, awareness, healing and enlightenment that she now wishes to share with you openly.


• Indian Head • Reflexology • Ear Candling • Crystal Massage • Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage • Reiki

Kim Eve

Atunement Healing:

Pathways towards peace and being are many. Some ways to release and come to more clarity are so simple that they can be overlooked!


The main one that I come back to as the good friend it is, is the breath! But this can be intensified in its benefits by Movements.  If we add conscious movement and a genuine open seeking then Transformation can happen.  I offer also a form of Healing Massage that at its root is about kindness, trust, and acceptance. I am grateful to all has led me to this moment now particularly Jason Chan, Sonia Moriceau, Anando Masta, Andy Shakeshaft and John Garrie Roshi all of whom I have trained with.


Other trainings are with The Northern Institute of Massage 1985-6 The Shiatsu College 87-90 and Teacher Training in Infinite Tai Chi 1996-2000

Pauline Bell

Eleanor started her study of acupuncture in 2012, when she became a trainee at the local CT Clinic. From there she became qualified in 2013 and has been building on her skills ever since. Her studies in acupuncture where enriched by the traditional Chinese philosophy teachings of the five elements and their influence in all parts of life. This in turn influenced her interest in holistic living and led her to practice meditation and other self reflection work.


Acupuncture is a powerful healer for many physical imbalances as it helps push through and open up stagnant blockages in the body's energy pathways. This can be particularly effective with muscle and joint pain anywhere in the body. Not only can acupuncture help to re-balance the physical, but also the mental and emotional bodies. As it assists the transformation process by grounding the new energies into your body so that they can be fully felt and integrated in your life.

Ellie Bennet

Doctor of Chiropractic (M Chiro, M Sports Science, CCEP)

Magda is an advocate of health and wellness. She believes that well aligned spine can induce the human body's self healing and brings it back to it's best condition.


As an ex-athlete and fitness instructor she loves sport and encourages everybody to keep moving.

Through chiropractic she has an opportunity to serve people, help them to get out of pain, move more freely and feel great.


'Wellbeing-Chiropractic' -  offers chiropractic services in East Hunsbury / Northampton.


Chiropractic is an holistic therapy which involves precise adjustments made to the spine and joints of the body with the aim of improving the function of the nervous system. This is a very safe and effective form of treatment which can help with conditions such as lower back pain, neck stiffness, headaches and migraines. The Chiropractic adjustment aims to restore natural movement within the spine to allow the nervous system to be free from interference and work more efficiently.



Ros is a Certified Matrix Energetics Practitioner, personally trained by founder Dr Richard Bartlett. Matrix Energetics is one of the new, emerging consciousness technologies, which acts at the quantum informational level. Ros says, “Consciousness technologies can be thought of as where spirituality meets science. Modern physics shows that all matter is actually made up of nothing more than energy, or light, combined with information. By working at the level of the information – on the blueprint, as it were – we can make changes in every aspect of our lives - be it health, work, living circumstances, finances, relationships… there are no limits! Matrix Energetics sessions are relaxing, fun and physically non-invasive. They are often filled with laughter and the presence of some pretty quirky stuff, as the process of quantum entanglement unfolds and things begin to shift. Come and play in the field of infinite possibilities!”

Ros Paxman – Matrix Energetics


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