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Shakespeare’s story concerns the night before a society wedding, during which two lovers elope, two fairy monarch’s have a row,

the mischiveous Puck causes all sorts of magical mayhem - and some poor bloke gets the head of a donkey.

Tony Howes madcap one man version of Shakespeare's classic was originally produced for BBC radio. See him playing 17 parts in different accents complete with tap dancing and juggling! “Hilarious with a Monty Python comedy touch - The Dailymail”


Tony Howes has starred in leading guest roles in ITV’s Emmerdale, ITV’s Midsummer Murders, BBC Award Winning Soap - Doctors and BBC’s Casualty.


Tony has also performed on the West End and on Brodway in The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole, The Hobbit, Me and My Girl and Singin’ In The Rain. In between times he has appeared in numerous adverts for ITV - Not Least At All - Holder flogging dodgy videos

in an anti-privacy drive.

Tony Howes


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