Earthdance offers a bespoke training course for special needs teachers to help develop their practical skills and understanding of the use of sound to create a both a calming and a stimulaing theraputic experience for children and young adults.

After working with several schools for children with autism and emotional/behaviour issues I realised from the amazing results we were getting that the children would benefit massively by having much more regular sound sessions. So I thought that it would be a good idea to find a way to train the teachers who already work with these children so they could learn to deliver the sound sessions themselves hence have them available at all times.

I mentioned this to one of the teachers who had been organising our visits to their school and she was very keen for us to work with some of their teachers. The school was funded by a Lottery Grant to pay for the course and also to buy all the instruments they needed to start the sound work. This funding should be readily available to any school meeting the relevant criteria (contact Earthdance for further information).

How does using this type of sound help?

For the children that live much of their lives in a state of tension we use specific sounds that work at a deep cellular level to help relax the muscles and calm the mind to produce a more peaceful state of being.

With those that are less responsive we use more stimulating sounds to encourage various degrees of reaction of a positive nature to help them engage in the experience.

All the time we are carefully observing and responding intuitively to the reactions of the child – adapting our activity accordingly to their responses.

Course Outline

Each course is tailor made to your schools specific requirements.

The course will include:

  • Introduction to and enhancment of the playing skills and techniques of all the instruments chosen
  • Exploring the effects each instrument can have on an individual
  • Adapting playing skills of each instrument to create the desired effect
  • Working intuitively, reading the signs and responses and adapting accordingly
  • Recognising different states of mind function that can occur within the sound session
  • Combining different instruments to create sound scapes.
  • Delivering sound sessions in pairs and small groups
  • Sensitivity to each others playing – deep listening

Throughout the course the staff will experience the benefits of sound work themselves. It will be a journey of self discovery for everyone participating as they experience the transformational properties this type of sound work brings with it.

Participants may choose to deliver sound baths for each other and other staff members so they can equally experience the deeply relaxing and rejuvenating effects of this type of sound work.

For more information please

Contact Roz

or call/text 07460 492 000

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