Power of sacred Sound

The Power of Sacred Sound – an introductory day workshop

This is an amazing opportunity to explore and experience the amazing effects of sacred sound on all levels of your being.

 We are rediscovering the powerful properties and transformational benefits of sound that has been used for millenniums by many different cultures. Science has shown how the human body is comprised of millions of cells all vibrating at their own frequencies. We use sacred sound to help realign the cellular structure – clearing old traumas and stagnant energy to bring the body towards optimal health.

 The day will be split into two parts:

 11am – 1.30pm (with half an hour break)

 Introduction to the influence sacred sound has on all levels of our being. Includes demonstrations, practical experience and interactive discussions utilising a range of sacred sound instruments that have the most profound resonances that we know of, such as Gongs, Himalayan Singing Bowls, Native American Flutes, Shamanic and Tribal Drums, Didgeridoo, Sanskrit Sounds and more… 

 We will also explore how a sacred sound practice can be incorporated into every day life to keep us balanced in a world that is full of so many unbalancing energies.

 1.30pm Lunch

2.30 – 4.30pm

The afternoon will consist of a Sound Bath with further discussion and a short question and answer time to conclude the day.

 Sound Bath

A time to just lie down, relax and open yourself to an extraordinary experience…

A transformational journey with the ancestral sounds of some of the most resonant, tone producing instruments known to man. Feel the vibrational tones and overtones of the gong deep within the cells of the body…….ride on the sound waves of the Himalayan singing bowls and native American flutes which transcend time and space, feel the heart connecting resonance of the shamanic drum and the deep primal energy of the tribal ritual drum and other ancient instruments as they bathe you in subliminal sound.

Sound Baths assist in clearing old traumas, blocks and patterns that no longer serve you bringing your whole being to a higher frequency much nearer to you true state or blueprint. Everything in your lifeflows more freely as the ‘stuckness’ is freed bringing you into balance.
Deeply relaxing, cleansing and rejuvenating……you’ll never feel the same again…….


Human beings in the fullness of health are like the gong……fully resonant….the more resonant we are, the more alive we are, resulting in happy and abundant lives……..

 The exchange for the day is £55 for early bird and £65 thereafter -early bird is usually around a month before the event.

If you are interested in this happening and there is not yet a date on the website please get in touch to put your name down to be informed about the next one. We hold then all araound the country so let us know where you live  (if you are not local to us) and if there is enough interest we may be able to find a venue in your area and bring it to you 🙂

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