This is the time for entering into deep introspection and retreating into our caves…

This is a very deep meditative retreat centered around the energy of fire whilst being housed in the most amazing and magical space of a traditional native American Tipi.

We will also be working with some of the profound Native American teachings and other ancient philosophy. Being in the sacred geometry of the triangle and circle combined creates a most sensational space for inner journey work. We will enter into the energies of the Winter time – a deep cleansing and sowing of new seeds for the next part of our journey. There will be a deep connection within the group as we share in this amazing journey together and individually with discussions and heart felt talks… as with all Earthdance events, community is at the heart of this retreat.

There will be deep cleansing sound baths, breath/voice work, shamanic drumming and journeying and Native American flute meditations for heart and soul connection. There will be will a very special Cocao (Raw Chocolate) Ceremony which works with heart energy and is a very powerful natural tool for transformation.

The Tipi you will be sleeping in will be prepared for you with a bed, fire and lanterns so all you need to do is bring your own sleeping bag or bedding. All Vegetarian/Vegan food and drinks will be provided for the whole weekend and most special diets can be catered for. We have stayed many times ourselves in the Tipi’s through the winter months and know how very powerfully moving this experience is so I feel I would like to share this with whoever is ready to embark on this journey.

How to book:

Contact Roz

or call/text 07460 492 000 Looking forward to hearing from you!…..

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